How to Dress for Success for a Healthcare Interview

You’ve completed your Medical Receptionist course, wrote a great resume and have been preparing for your interview, but what are you going to wear? Don’t leave planning your outfit to the last minute. What you wear may be a superficial representation of who you are, but that doesn’t change the fact that interviewers unconsciously make judgments about you and your capabilities based on the clothes you choose. Read on to learn how to dress for success for a healthcare interview.

Dress Professionally

You’ve heard the saying, “dress for the job you want; not the job you have.” This applies to interviews, as well. You want to put your best foot forward. Even if you are interviewing for a position that requires casual attire (like most health professions do), you need to dress professionally for your interview. Women should wear dress slacks or skirt and a nice blouse or a dress. Men should wear dress slacks and a nice shirt. Walk in wrinkle-free and put together. Use a lint roller if you have pets.

But Also Dress Comfortably

Most healthcare professions require a lot of movement, so it’s important that your professional outfit doesn’t make you look incapable of dressing down. It’s a fine line to walk, but your outfit should be professional without being stuffy and unapproachable. For men, consider loosening the tie and going without a jacket. For women, try to stay away from excessive jewelry and super high heels. You want your outfit to tell interviewers that you are both professional and practical.

Dress Appropriately

It should go without saying, but dressing up for an interview is not the same as dressing up to go out on the town. When you are interviewing for a traditional job like one in healthcare, you should dress semi-conservatively. That means no plunging necklines, short dresses, or sagging pants. Be sure to try your outfit on ahead of time to make sure it fits well and allows you to move freely without worrying about exposing too much skin.

Stand Out

Your interviewers will meet many potential employees. Stand out by wearing one item that is memorable. You may want to consider a statement necklace, beautiful scarf, brightly colored sweater, or a really unique tie. Interviewers may be more likely to remember your outfit than your name so give them something to remember. Just don’t go overboard, and make sure your statement piece fits in with the other rules.

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